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"A fascinating collection of concepts and skills that will satisfy everyone from the casual do-it-yourself enthusiast to someone who wants to attempt self-reliance and the ultimate emergency preparedness." – Howard Backer, MD, author of Wilderness First Aid: Emergency Care for Wilderness Locations and past president of the Wilderness Medical Society,

"We imagine that we live in the age of information, but this engrossing book reminds us of how comparatively little we know." – Bill McKibben, author of Deep Economy,

"The depth of this book, covering everything from building materials to spiritual healing, is astounding. ...I highly recommend it for anyone interested in preserving the health of themselves and the planet – and moving toward a sustainable, sane way of living." – Robyn Griggs-Lawrence, Editor-in-Chief, Natural Home Magazine

"A marvelous guidebook for helping us through the worst of times, and even improving on the best of times." – Thom Hartmann,